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Omen Capital Group

Omen Capital Group offers consulting to small businesses. With extensive multi-industry experience, we can give unique insight into your business and its opportunities and challenges. We know what it feels like to be small business owners and actively operate and own businesses as well. We strive to share our experience rather than to tell you about someone else's. 

Who We Are
Tom Viinikka MBA | Phone: 780-970-3175

Tom Viinikka is an Edmonton-born entrepreneur. He started his first business during his undergraduate business studies. Since then he has founded, bought and sold businesses in a variety of industries including, construction, real estate, logistics, retail and tech. Tom has a passion for continued learning and is fluent in spanish and working towards french fluency. Married with six children, Tom loves to spend time with his family and share life’s adventures with them. He is actively involved in several community organizations and is an MBA graduate of the University of Alberta.In addition to his own businesses, Tom consults with other business owners and provides unique insights using his varied and extensive business experience. 

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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